Get The Right Information With The Right Insights To Drive Revenue Growth And Better Manage Risks

Scalable IntelliHotel solution leverages the power of business intelligence by accessing comprehensive, actionable information instantly from desperate systems and gain insight into your competitive landscape. With our interactive dashboards, optional alerts, and guided analytics, you can evaluate all aspects of your hotel's sales, market, customer and competition through a single intuitive interface.

With IntelliHotel You Can

IntelliHotel provides the companies with the right hospitality industry statistics to gain greater understanding of customers and markets.

Examine decision factors that attract more customers to buy into the hotel and enable hoteliers to develop targeted strategies

Monitor and analyze social media to allow for better social engagement, brand marketing and promotion activities

Track and evaluate room sales and guest behavior, and use that insight to fill your hotel room at the most profitable rates

Maximize guest spending and improve experiences by delivering the most relevant and appealing offers

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